Request a harness alteration

Custom sizing, accessibility modifications, and minor design alterations are available on almost all harnesses. Custom measurements can be entered at checkout, however accessibility modifications and design alterations need to be requested through this form or via email at These will be done at no charge whenever possible, however in some cases a small fee may apply. Minor design alterations require an existing harness design to be used as a base, and significant changes wil be directed to our fully bespoke service.

Request a bespoke design

Pricing for bespoke services can vary significantly depending on the services required and the eventual cost of the finished product. some rough price guidelines can be found below, however these prices are not final until confirmed via direct communication. Our bespoke service is divided into two parts - design and production - and these may be billed separately. Production cannot occur until design services are paid.

Please include as much information as possible in your initial enquiry.

We cannot always meet demand for bespoke orders, and recommend following our social media for the latest updates on availability.

starting prices

Bespoke Design Service - £15 per hour

- This service is for completely custom designs, not based on an existing model and not provided by the customer. Small items such as garters and chokers will only require one hour, however full-body designs and suspenders will most likely take two or three hours. This service will include pinning a mock-up on a sized mannequin, and you will be given three possible price points.

- Non-refundable, one or two hours must be paid in advance depending on your initial enquiry. Additional hours will be billed by invoice.

- Revisions are included, but will increase the number of hours you are billed for.

Design Exclusivity (Bespoke Only) - £50

- This fee is a one-off payment to prevent recreation of your bespoke design. This means your product would remain one of a kind. Devovere retains ultimate ownership of designs in all cases.

Customer Provided Design Service - £10 per hour

- This service is for customer-provided designs, such as sketches or mock-ups. This price covers creating a pinned mock-up of the design in the appropriate size and discussing any possible alterations required. The customer retains full ownership of the design. Usually only one hour is required.

Custom Production - Small Items from £15

- Small items include garters and chokers or very minimalist harnesses. This price is a flat fee that must be paid before production can begin. Shipping may be charged separately.

Custom Production - Large Items from £35

- Large items include suspenders and chest harnesses. This price is a flat fee that must be paid before production can begin. This price includes shipping however purchasing a tracking upgrade is recommended.

Custom Production - Full Bodies from £50

- Full-body harnesses include both chest and leg details. Prices can vary, up into the low hundreds. Prices are determined based on the complexity and materials required. At the £60 point, tracked shipping is included. This price is a flat fee that must be paid before production can begin.

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